About me

As you probably noticed, this homepage is new, still under construction. It´s purpose is to

  • describe who I am, what I think is important and what I enjoy doing
  • tell the visitor what´s going on and what you can explore in Lieto, my current hometown
  • make me more familiar as a politician.

My name is Henrik Solin

  • 69 of age, married, grown up children, quite a lot of grandchildren
  • Went to school in Turku, graduated student from Svenska klassiska lyceum i Åbo,
  • BA from Handelshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi.

In my professional career I´ve worked within customer service, HR, international relations, marketing, sales, purchasing, production, economy and business management.

For the last 20 years I served as CEO in a privately owned company.

Now I´m semiretired and have returned to politics after a 25 year brake.